How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Forums

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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Forums

Traffic To Blogs & Websites From Forums

Forums are there present everywhere in the internet these days. You can find forums in almost all the niche you are passionate about. Forums are the best way to build a community and share your knowledge and experiences with the people in your niche, this is a very powerful strategy to drive traffic to your blog.

Forum Marketing is very easy and free. Most people use it as a way to spam and build links ridiculously which is not a way to act in a community where people are sharing knowledge and caring your problems.

Tips to drive traffic to your blog with Forums

  1. Personal Profile: Every forum ask you to describe about you. Include your links wherever you can. Readers are very eager to know who you are, to whom are they talking to and does checks your profiles. You can also add your photo to make you more transparent. Have you own name on the forums that is more profitable and trustable. Share your hobbies, what you do, almost everything about you, all should be true. Do not try and be fake.
  2. Signature Links: Most of the Forums has a feature to add your signatures. You can include your links on signature to make your website more visible. Take advantage of free opportunity whenever you can. Opportunity is for grabbing, do not waste is by losing them.
  3. Do not promote yourself more: Any advertising is good, is what people say. But hey, never try and over promote yourself that you annoy people. It is ok to link other people as well, if their posts are relevant. If people finds you promoting yourself only, they will find you annoying and stop following you.
  4. Actively Participate in Forum Discussions: Marketing Is about speaking, being an attention seeker, and that can only happen if you actively participate in the hot discussions. Answer other questions, give tips and suggestions to the people asking. This way you get into people attention and exposure which will get you more traffic to your web pages.
  5. Check out the old threads: Look back to the old threads, keep them alive which are very popular. The thread might get old but people might still be needing those tips which has gone down. This keeps the thread alive and increase your blog traffic.
  6. Start a new thread: Starting a new thread is never a bad idea. This way you let people see your name, images and messages. Either question or give tips regarding the niche you are in. Do not post non relevant stuff.
  7. Simple, short and clear posts: Make the posts short and simple, long posts are mainly posted by the people who has gained popularity and are capable enough to coach anyone. Always remember quality stuffs works better than the quantity. Unless you are answering, keep your threads and posts short and simple and very clear to your readers.
  8. Provide Informational Tips and Ideas: People are usually on forums to get an answer. Therefore, informational posts are more applauded than any other posts. If you find someone asking questions, make your answers quick, and always informative.
  9. Posting positive stuffs: No one likes negativity. Positivity always attracts. A negative thread or comments are moderated or flagged by the moderators and not a way to be a part of a forum. Be kind and positive.
  10. Linking to Blog Feeds: Most of the niche forums provides blog feeds. When they subscribe you they will be notified about your new posts which leads to the traffic generation.
  11. High Quality web traffic is important for seo ranking, so forums can be a good place online to participate to expose your business & services among real peoples directly.
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Forums are not really a place to spam but to share your informative posts based on your experiences. This helps you gain popularity on your niche, which means you will get more traffic to your blog and also gives you a reputation. Forums are great way to make a standard for yourself and always keep your encouraged to do good things more.

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