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How to Improve your website traffic?

Improve Organic Traffic to Your Website

Do you own a website or online business and Not getting enough visitors to your website?

Yeah that’s the first thing every website owners and webmasters should think about. After all it is about the business and it is possibly only if you have enough visitors to your website. After all visitors are converted into business for your products and services. If your websites don’t have enough visitor you can’t expect for more business.

Thinking about it is good but if you are worried, end it up now.. use your time for few workouts.

Yeah ! first you should focus on is your content, content is the king. Get your desk ready and start writing some good stuff.

Before you start writing, find some answers by yourself. “What are you Writing? Why are you writing? Why should they read your article?

That’s the most important thing that you provide something better and they would get the best information from you. If your content is not more informative they would close the window and wouldn’t visit your website again, if it is case you are going to lose your visitor and chances of returning visitors. So, I say your content is the most important thing you should focus on.

Make your content Good Enough:

Write a Clear Title for your article, it must be very specific about the topic. Title can explain full article in short and visitor get better idea that what are they going to read about. So make it clear and descriptive in short sentence

Mention the introductory section about the topic you are wring about, It will help visitors additional idea to understand about the topic they are reading about

Use your Heading Tags (H1 to H6) in proper way, make sure it is relevant with content. Heading is like the table of content, It make the set of content clear and also your visitor would enjoy reading them. Don’t use Heading Tags in random, it must be relevant to the section and use them only when required.

Make your content more informative, explain about Advantages, Disadvantages, Pros & Cons, summary of your content etc. Make it well described and useful for readers. For that, you have think yourself as reader not as a writer, read your article and find out what do you get for the content as a visitor, make enough revises to make it better.

Rich Media Content

Images and info graphs are one more important thing, It make the whole content described in one image. Adding some high quality images in your content always the great idea.

Have some videos?? Yes publish it and embed in your content.

Make your content rich with Title, Headings, Info graphs, Videos.

Use proper optimized Titles and Alt Tags in your images, It will make your image search engine friendly and user friendly. Visitor can know about your image even if the image won’t load properly.

SEO Optimization Work Out

Put a Meta Title and Description in your page. Meta Titles and Description help you to optimize your web page in Search Engines. And if you have done everything good enough as mentioned above, you can get the first page rank in search engine for the particular search term, don’t worry and never hurry up, it takes time to come up.

If you are thinking about SEO, focus on some long tail keywords. For example: What is led lighting? Benefits of LED Downlights? How to Optimize a web page? etc. Repeat your main keywords, relevant keywords, singulars, plurals of your main keyword in content set. Be sure that, it makes a sense, don’t spam in any sense. And Be sure that your keywords are not exceeding 5% of overall words. It will help your content to be SEO friendly and also help readers.

Publish it your website and it is the time to do something more now.

Get some free time for few minutes everyday to share your webpage

Share your page in some social websites like: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Stumbleupon to let peoples know that you have something to share. And It might help them.

Participate in Some Question Answer Sites like: Quora.com

Find some relevant questions and answer them your links, It will help them to find the right answer.

Another Interesting thing is if your content is more informative, they would share them and they place a link to your website.

Good content help you to get new links to your websites. Many bloggers like you write on similar topics and they can place your link as source for them.

Value of Content to Increase DA/ PA

Writing Good Content is also one of the best way to increase your Domain Authority and Page Authority. I again repeat content is the king. If your content is enough informative, you can be found in Google Featured Snippet, it is one of the best way to get more organic traffic and links to your website.

Don’t participate ink paid links, link offers, link exchange schemes and low quality forums, Search Engines like Google will penalize your website for participating in low value link building schemes.

In Short, it the checked and proved process for me. I’m going through this process in many of my blogs and it worked for me 100%. Unless you don’t share something knowledgeable visitors won’t like your website and they won’t spend time, after all they are searching for something good and they go to another page. You can create your inbound links to other relevant pages to help visitors find more information about the topic. In Short, if you expect someone to be on your page you must offer something good and different than others. Check the process and I make you sure it is going to work for all.


Why Title Tag is Important for Web Page?

Title Tag is one of the very important thing in website. It is the first thing which represent your web page content in one sentence or phrase. It is also important because it can make your easier for your page to be found in search engines. Read why Title Tag is important:

  • Title Tag is important because it is indexed by search engines and shown in blue text in search result as the title of search result in SERPs. It make visitor easy to understand about your products/ services and content of the page.
  • Title Tag important SEO factor to be ranked and ranking improvement
  • Title tags are visible when share your page in Social Media
  • Most of directories index the title of your business from Title Tag
  • Title is the summary of your content, so it is more important and effective ranking factor

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How to Optimize Title for a Web Page in best format?

Title Tag is the first thing that any Search Engine will look for and helps the most to rank any website, you have to use it as the best suitable and relating to your content. Meta Title Tag is the thing which will be indexed as the title of your page or set of content in one page. It comes in the following format in header section of any webpage.

<title>Title of your Wbsite</title>

Title is the first thing which represent your set of content in summarized and one sentence, it makes the visitors easy to understand about the content and it’s table of content.

Search Engines will give more priority to descriptive and unique title tags, so make it easy to understand rather than making more complicated by using different keywords in one title tags.

Do not use your keywords many times in your title tags, it will have negative impact on your website if you do anything like keywords stuffing. Put your title text in maximum of 70 characters, because Google won’t index more than 70 characters from your title tag.

For example if your webpage content is about “Responsive Web Design” and your business physical work place is located in Sydney.

Best use of Meta Meta Title Tag:

  • You can use the title tag as: <title>Affordable Responsive Web Design Service Sydney</title>
  • Do not make it like: Responsive Web Design | Web Design | Web Design Services
  • You can use your brand name after your title by using any separator like: | – : etc.
  • Make your Title Tag more descriptive and accurate, it help the visitor find easily what they are looking for, and search engines give more priority to make it easier for visitors.
  • Avoid using too short titles, and make sure it’s not acceding 70 characters
  • You can avoid stop words because Google don’t look for it
  • Your Heading Tags come after the title tag (H1 to H6 depending on size of content), use them like a table of content
  • Make your content relevant to your Title and Heading Tags, if your content is not informative enough you might get negative points. You avoid creating a set of content for the promotional purpose only, make it helpful for your website’s visitors.


Check Your Meta Tag Status with online tool:

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