SEMRush Report on SEO Ranking Factors 2017

SEMRush SEO Ranking Study

SEMRush Report on SEO Ranking Factors 2017

Since several years, search engines are the as the key source for any internet user to find anything of their need. It has been very common that, when you need anything suddenly or later, you go to Google and search for those. Even if they are products, local services, notes or any news.

SEO is the major way to mange your website and make them fit to be found in Search Engines. It is all about making any website user friendly and more effective for users. From some of the last years, SEO has been as one of the main source of online marketing and to increase sales through organic searches.

Many SEO Companies and toolsets are always working for analyzing SEO ranking factors, effective tools and trends. SEM Rush, The popular toolset company has released their 2017 case study on SEO ranking factors, The SEM Rush company has released their analytical report for the second year.

SEM Rush has analyzed 600,000 keywords globally and looked for the first 100 search results for all those keywords. According to SEM Rush’s SEO ranking factors reports 2017, these following are top ranking factors for Google, when some of these key things are always being denied by Google as raking signals, for example, website traffic, user behaviors, bounce rates, time etc.

Top SEO Ranking Factors according to SEMRush in 2017

  • Direct website traffic is pegged as the top Google ranking factor in this study.
  • User behavior signals such as time on site, pages per session and bounce rate.
  • Backlink factors are extremely important for rankings.
  • Although the anchor text in backlinks are not as important as a ranking factor.
  • Each backlink factor does impact each other, so “your positions are unlikely to change if you boost the values for one factor but ignore others,” the study says.
  • Branded keywords will always return more relevant but less popular websites on the first position
  • Domains with HTTPS tend to be in the top of the pack.
  • The on-page SEO factors such as the presence of keywords in title, meta description and body of the text proved to be significantly less influential than other factors the study added.


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