Optimize Image Alt Tags in Magento Store

Magento Image Alt Tags

Optimize Image Alt Tags in Magento Store

What is Image Alt Tag and how it work?

Images and Image alt tags are one of the very important factor to optimize websites’ On Page SEO Ranking. Image alt tags provide clear text alternative of the images used in webpage for screen users. Image Alt Tags are also called as Alt Attribute. Be sure to include image alt tags when you are inserting images in your content and web pages. Image alt tags helps search engines to know about your image and info graphs. It is also useful to understand when your images can not be found, Image Title help users to know about the title of your images. Having Image Alt tag also help you to be found in image search engine.

Best Use of Image Alt Tag

Make your Image Alt Tags clear and descriptive, matching with your content, using irrelevant alt tags and alternative text like keyword stuffing can pull you rank down. So be more specific and descriptive.

So for example if your image/ content is about puppy, make it like:

<img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”puppy”/>


<img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”World’s cutest puppies”>

<img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”Certify a Service Dog”>

Do not make it like:

<img src=”puppy.jpg” alt=”Dog Puppy Dog”>

Avoid using too long alt text like long paragraphs or using sentences in Alt Attribute for keywords stuffing, it results bad user experience so it will cause your website rank down in visibility.

How to Use Image Alt Tag in Magento?

To use image alt attribute in Magento Website, you have to login to your Magento Store.

Go to Catalog in Your Magento Store and the got to Manage Products:Magento Store

Search for your product or click on product name from the list:

Magento Product ListAgain go to Image from the sidebar “Product Information”

Magento Product InformationFinally, in image column you will see “Roll Over for Preview” if you have used an image with your product in Magento Store. Roll your mouse in the box, you can see your image now. In next column of “Label” there is an space to put your text. Put your Alt Attribute/ Iage alt Tag there. Label is used for Alt Tags in Mageto Product images. Insert your most suitable alt tag and save it. It will help you to improve SERP of your image and Magento products.


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