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How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog With Forums

Traffic To Blogs & Websites From Forums

Forums are there present everywhere in the internet these days. You can find forums in almost all the niche you are passionate about. Forums are the best way to build a community and share your knowledge and experiences with the people in your niche, this is a very powerful strategy to drive traffic to your blog.

Forum Marketing is very easy and free. Most people use it as a way to spam and build links ridiculously which is not a way to act in a community where people are sharing knowledge and caring your problems.

Tips to drive traffic to your blog with Forums

  1. Personal Profile: Every forum ask you to describe about you. Include your links wherever you can. Readers are very eager to know who you are, to whom are they talking to and does checks your profiles. You can also add your photo to make you more transparent. Have you own name on the forums that is more profitable and trustable. Share your hobbies, what you do, almost everything about you, all should be true. Do not try and be fake.
  2. Signature Links: Most of the Forums has a feature to add your signatures. You can include your links on signature to make your website more visible. Take advantage of free opportunity whenever you can. Opportunity is for grabbing, do not waste is by losing them.
  3. Do not promote yourself more: Any advertising is good, is what people say. But hey, never try and over promote yourself that you annoy people. It is ok to link other people as well, if their posts are relevant. If people finds you promoting yourself only, they will find you annoying and stop following you.
  4. Actively Participate in Forum Discussions: Marketing Is about speaking, being an attention seeker, and that can only happen if you actively participate in the hot discussions. Answer other questions, give tips and suggestions to the people asking. This way you get into people attention and exposure which will get you more traffic to your web pages.
  5. Check out the old threads: Look back to the old threads, keep them alive which are very popular. The thread might get old but people might still be needing those tips which has gone down. This keeps the thread alive and increase your blog traffic.
  6. Start a new thread: Starting a new thread is never a bad idea. This way you let people see your name, images and messages. Either question or give tips regarding the niche you are in. Do not post non relevant stuff.
  7. Simple, short and clear posts: Make the posts short and simple, long posts are mainly posted by the people who has gained popularity and are capable enough to coach anyone. Always remember quality stuffs works better than the quantity. Unless you are answering, keep your threads and posts short and simple and very clear to your readers.
  8. Provide Informational Tips and Ideas: People are usually on forums to get an answer. Therefore, informational posts are more applauded than any other posts. If you find someone asking questions, make your answers quick, and always informative.
  9. Posting positive stuffs: No one likes negativity. Positivity always attracts. A negative thread or comments are moderated or flagged by the moderators and not a way to be a part of a forum. Be kind and positive.
  10. Linking to Blog Feeds: Most of the niche forums provides blog feeds. When they subscribe you they will be notified about your new posts which leads to the traffic generation.
  11. High Quality web traffic is important for seo ranking, so forums can be a good place online to participate to expose your business & services among real peoples directly.
Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Forums are not really a place to spam but to share your informative posts based on your experiences. This helps you gain popularity on your niche, which means you will get more traffic to your blog and also gives you a reputation. Forums are great way to make a standard for yourself and always keep your encouraged to do good things more.

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seo expert

SEO Experts Nepal

SEO Experts Nepal

SEO Experts in Nepal seems to be a popular keyword for the business owners in Nepal now. We have been providing seo services to our clients worldwide.

There are definitely a lot of SEO Experts in Nepal, undoubtedly. All of us who knows SEO is somehow the product of freelancing jobs online which gives opportunity for the skilled people to showcase their talent and always enhances people to do more and learn new stuffs daily.

SEO Service Provider Nepal

SEO popularly known as Digital Marketing or Internet Marketing has become quite a common thing among business owners or startups who are just starting and this space has offered them so much in so small amount. And has done wonders for many. If you do not believe, look around the brands who is promoting every stuff on the Internet and people are going crazy for one snap of their product or services.

If you love your business, you will love SEO, we guarantee that. If you are in Nepal searching for SEO Experts and SEO Training in Nepal, contact us, buzz us right away. We are always ready to get connected with our own country friends and help them build their business online. We provide special counselling and packages in an affordable price.
seo expert nepal

SEO Services Nepal

There are not so many SEO experts here, however among the few we do stand for quality and time effectiveness. Do you know, digital marketing is the new marketing? I do not mean, newspaper and TV eras have gone. But more and more people are now inclined toward their smartphone as it is almost in everyone’s hand now. One family has one TV mostly, but in 4 members house there is a chance of all the members having a smartphone excluding few. By that only you can know how effective and beneficial does this medium sound for the promotion of your business.

seo experts nepalDo not hesitate to comment below or contact us for further information. We again say, IT sector has been so late developing in our country and it is slowly rising up, we are proud of it. And we hope to make this field a better place to work as well.

SEO Service Nepal

SEO Services Nepal

World Class SEO Service in Nepal

SEO services might be new for Nepal but it is not new for the developed nations. It has been there for a long time now, and faced so many algorithm changes. However, this doesn’t mean people in Nepal were not aware of what SEO is? Yes, we do have some IT professionals who had desires to own a laptop or desktop once and with many challenges faced. But this didn’t stop them from learning new things on Internet.

Internet getting so popular now than ever before. Digital Marketing or let’s say SEO has become so popular now. And hey, even on those days when Internet was not so easily available we had Internet Marketers present in Nepal. And, one of them is Pravas Jha. Pravas Jha has been serving SEO service in Nepal for a long time now. Ok, you might now get confused why he is praising himself, actually this article is written on his behalf from one of his staff.

Although, SEO service in Nepal is new and quite discussed about topic these days, people do not have a in depth knowledge of it to hire professionals and also not been aware that there were so many people doing the outsourcing job online about SEO only. Yes! When I say this do believe, I have faced it like millions of time.

Why Choose us for your SEO Improvement?

I do not know if it is lack of knowledge or huge popularity of social media, most of us here feels like Facebook is the only digital marketing tool that exists. Here, we provide services that will not only optimize your social media but also your website to create a brand that it should be.

Digital Marketing or SEO has become a powerful tool not only for the big business houses but also a small firm. Better late than never, realization of this beautiful and powerful tool can literally bring so much to you.

We can help you with that process. Please contact us for the detailed inquiry. We believe in the best and maximizing your profit with SEO Services & organic search traffic, the new & growing method of marketing. We are very sure you will love it and it will be useful to expand your sales & business in Local and International Market.

Email Marketing

Successful Email Marketing Campaign Tips

How to run a successful email marketing campaign and not be a spammer

Email Marketing is one the best campaign which is cost effective and results driven strategy that a business can use. Many people looks into their inbox and thinks it is a spam. People checks their emails as they are genuinely interested in the products and offers that any business has to offer. Email Marketing is said to be dead but it really isn’t. Professional people regularly checks their emails and are willing to see the best productive emails on their inbox.

Tips to do Email Marketing and not be called a Spammer

Email Marketing Tips

  1. Give something valuable and make it to Inbox: When a person sign up for your newsletter, offer them the best services you can provide. Give them something valuable that is useful in day to day life. Something free or discounts adds more value. Do not sound like a scam and be on their spam folder.
  2. Give what you say: A perfect marketing consists of trusts and values. Always give a customer what you have told them, or even more than that but do not fail to provide what you preached. So that they will keep coming back.
  3. Do not lose trust: Never try and constantly annoy your subscribers with your forceful messages. Keep providing useful insights about your products and services so they are bound to buy from you.
  4. Testimonials and Guarantee or Warranty: Email marketing gives you an endless opportunity to tell your customers about the risk involved with the products. But it also gives you an opportunity to tell your customers how you can decrease the risks with warranties and guarantee. This definitely satisfies your customers and make them buy. Even the testimonials are of huge help for someone to decide to hit that buy button.
  5. Unsubscribe Button: This may not look good but do ask people to unsubscribe if they find your emails nonproductive. This tells people you can unsubscribe any time if they don’t like your content. People who likes your newsletter will never unsubscribe and is willing to buy your products. If not with one email, may be on other try people may come to your products page.

Business success is highly dependent on the marketing strategy. Today people are mostly going online. Even the business are run online. People surf your website and buys the product as many of us are busy. Online marketing has made the shopping so easier in one way. Email Marketing is really effective as you directly send your tips and ideas on their inbox and increase your sales.

If you do the email marketing campaign right, you will never be making your emails to the spam folder this means you are gaining trust. The trust leads to the sales of product, never ever lose the trust of customer with the fake marketing, always be true to self and practice what you preach.

Ecommerce Business

Tips for your Ecommerce business to Succeed

5 Awesome Tips for your Ecommerce business to Succeed

Ecommerce business has become quite popular in today’s generation. With the increase in number of internet customers and being easily accessible throughout the world, people are more inclined towards doing business online and for that an ecommerce website has become a necessity.

Every ecommerce business has their own style of working. An online store for a watch and food store can be different in many ways. However, there are some few things which is common in them. These basic things seems to be working in most of the cases. Millions of dollars can go in vain in advertisement if you do not get the basics right.

Tips to get Success in Ecommerce Business

  1. Best UI and UX interface: It’s the first thing a person notices when they browse to your website. The way you make a person feel matters a lot. It is like the first impression is the last impression. The navigation and the feels should be great. May be you have great partners, best products but if you fail to impress with the design, people will walk away from your website. Ecommerce business highly works under the website, therefore, it is your duty to make the people assessing your website feel good. A simple layout, readable fonts, good color combination, great interface these are the things you need to have to make a beautiful commercial website. Online users are not patient to stay longer to your website, therefore the make look good and feel good theory shall be applied.
  2. Winning a customer’s trust: Any business is successful because of the trust they gain from their customers. Similar is the case with ecommerce business. If you are a grocery store online, make sure you deliver the fresh and quality stuff. Make people trust you and give you positive feedback as in online world people has a lot of ways to give reviews, therefore get cautious about what you give. Any negative feedback is harmful for online business store.
  3. Simple to use and search: Marketing has become very competitive and to make people in dilemma is the worst thing you can do. Make things look simple and easy. Every search options and running time optimization are very important part of ecommerce platforms. The website should be able to show desired products based on the recent history and showcase them accordingly. Avoid creating dilemma and work on the basics. As a customer no one will actually want to go through a pain of navigating every category to find one stuff. Therefore, have such system that it suggest people based on history and interest.
  4. Check the analytics: Like any business would do, check the analytics on the back end to find out what is doing good and bad and put the most popular stuff on the first page. Give priority to the best products you have. Always keeps your customer at top and design your website accordingly. Make the checkout buttons easy to access and do not leak any information.
  5. Correct Information: Do not ever make a mistake of putting any false news on the website. It is very important to put correct information in your ecommerce business. The on site of any website is very important and crucial, hence forth you should be able to keep as perfect as possible.


Ecommerce business is growing and to what gives success is the trust you gain from customers. Make them have an easy way to purchase in minimal amount and provide them quality products which are the basics to be done right and have a wonderful business journey.